How would I ward off wild animals without shooting them?

Non-Lethal Animal Repellent Against Bears and Dogs

It is unfortunate that many try to resolve a wild animal sighting in some very ill advised ways: run or shoot. Whether it is a bear in the wilderness or a dog in the urban jungle, charging off sends it a clear signal to pursue. Running also suggests fear, and that you are no threat to the beast. Having to fell it with a rifle in order to survive might have been inevitable, but no longer. There are means of warding off hostile animals without curtailing their right to life, such as the use of a non-lethal animal repellent.

How would I ward off wild animals without shooting them, thereby injuring or killing the creatures? I would not put myself in harm’s way, to begin with. When camping or hiking, I would do nothing to attract bears. When walking or jogging, I would stick to paths for pedestrians, for my own good.

As a precaution, I would carry pepper spray, which inflicts a burning pain and inhibits breathing. Used commonly against human assailants, like muggers, it has stronger formulations for bears and dogs. Once the effects subside in about 30 minutes, the attacker remains alive and intact, with zero irreversible damage. These differently targeted formulations must not be interchanged.

Only the Guard Alaska ultra hot bear repellent is EPA-approved for all bear species. It is environment-friendly, with no flammable or ozone-depleting substances. The Mace bear repellent spray is a magnum-sized fogger effective from 30 feet within 5.4 seconds.

Since bear pepper spray drives a bear away rather than provoke it into combat, it lowers the risk of injury and death among bears and humans. The bear heals and reunites with its clan, and begins learning to keep away from humans. The same holds true for dog pepper spray.

The EPA-approved Mace Muzzle dog repellent can unload 10 one-second bursts 8 to 10 feet away. A similarly humane animal repellent, the Electronic Dog Chaser releases a high-frequency sound discomforting to dogs though inaudible to humans. Its extra-bright LED flashing strobe can disorient the dog, too.

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